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Detail Procedure

This article explains the FONZ detailing procedure

# Step Description
1 Safety  Ensure the Powerpack is removed from the vehicle before washing. Label the Powerpack. Put it on charge
2 Wash Wash the vehicle using a bucket and soap water or high pressure hose. Rinse panels, rims, tyres, front forks, suspension and undercarriage
3 Dry Dry the panels with a microfiber towel, dry wheels and tyres with a workshop rag
4 Inspect Decide if the paint requires any minor touch ups to improve the overall look. Lightly retouch as required using colour match paints
5 Metal Parts Wipe down instrument gauges, metal grips, and other small components
around dash with damp cloth to remove any dirt
Remove any surface rust by putting rust remover on part, leave for 20minutes then wipe or use scourer to remove
6 Protect Spray matte panels with matte clean (household products like a spray & wipe, Mr. Sheen to clean)
7 Saddle / Interior Clean leather saddle with Mr. Sheen
Clean vinyl saddle and under saddle with Mr. Sheen
Remove any dust, dirt or rubbish from storage compartments
8 Wheels

Clean the wheels with Tyre Shine⚠️ be careful to only spray the tyres and never spray the tread of tyre

9 Mirrors & Light Clean speedo, head lamps, tail lights and mirrors
10 Final details Once bike is charged to 100% ensure Powerpack is fitted in bike and check online service form has been completed