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How do I fix squeaking sound on the wheels?

We talk about what the common causes of noises are coming from your wheels and how to reduce them.

Electric motorcycles don't have engine noise masking your bike sounds like a petrol bike would. While that means you get to enjoy the sounds of a bird tweeting while you ride, it can be less forgiving than a petrol engine when it comes to the noises your bike makes. 

Brake System

Fonz motorcycles and scooters have front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, with two pistons that have hydraulic pressure that hit on the pads causing the bike to stop.

There are a couple of common reasons you may hear a squeaking noise while riding. 

Brake Pads

A squeaky sound from your front or rear wheel is most commonly caused by the brake pads, but doesn't mean they are worn (that is a metal on metal grinding sound).

As you ride and your brakes warm up, a squeak may reduce.

The Fonz electronic regenerative braking, or regen, means you are using those 'mechanical' hydraulic brakes a whole lot less.

The positives of regen being you are capturing energy and using less consumables, however dirt, dust and inconsistency on the brake pads is more likely to build up if you're never hitting those brakes hard. 

Mechanics will often clean the disc with sand paper on the top of the pad and channel. Worn pads should be replaced and brake calipers serviced by a technician.

Disc Brakes

The other cause can come from a warped brake disc.

In a certain point of rotation the disc is touching the brake pad and making noise on rotation.

If your bike is brand new, this may be manufacturing fault. Otherwise, it may be that the bike has been dropped or hit while parked, causing the disc to have some warping.

You should arrange an appointment with an authorised technician to assess the vehicle. 


CRC Disc Brake Quiet is a great product to eliminate brake rotor noise at home. 

Visit an authorised technician to assess and service the brakes.