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Are there any incentives to buy electric?

This article explains what i s on offer to support the uptake electric motorcycles in Australia.

We are pleased to see progress with state government incentivises rolling out to support the uptake of two-wheel electric vehicles in Australia.

Here's whats currently on offer:

Australian Capital Territory

Brand New electric motorcycles and scooters purchased pay $0 stamp duty for their initial purchase. Learn more.

New South Wales

Stamp Duty Abolished 

The abolition of 3% stamp duty is confirmed and you can save up to $600 on your new electric FONZ motorcycle. FONZ vehicles registered in NSW from 1 September 2021 may be eligible to claim back your stamp duty.  The stamp duty refund is provided direct from Revenue NSW and to claim, please follow this link to register with the Electric Vehicle Portal:

Note. the NSW government has not recognised Arthur electric as an eligible electric vehicle. We are working with the relevant authorities to have this decision overturned. 


Fonz Moto lobbied the NSW government to include electric two-wheelers in the EV incentives. The NSW government stamp duty exemption ended on 31 December 2023. While there are no further exemptions available, FONZ registration costs sit in the lower motor displacement category


Electric motorcycles and electric scooters pay reduced stamp duty of $2 per $100 compared to up to $4 per $100 for more polluting vehicles. Learn more.