Can I purchase FONZ in New Zealand?

Yes you can purchase a FONZ from Fonz Moto Pty Limited in Australia, however FONZ does not assist or provide local certification

Mopeds (LA) and motorcycles (LC) need an MR2A to be registered in NZ. This is not a new requirement. FONZ's vehicle meet requirements for New Zealand compliance and registration, and the VINs can be loaded to the New Zealand NZ Transport Agency.

A manufacturer, or their approved NZ representative, can apply to have someone approved as a new entry vehicle certifier. This enables them to certify their vehicles for registration in NZ.  They can also be set up to load VINs and the vehicle attributes directly into the LANDATA/MVR system, and can also be authorised to print MR2As directly from their system.  MR2A’s can then be presented to a registration plate agent by the vehicle’s new owner.  For further information, please email

Present the vehicle to an entry certifier together with appropriate evidence showing it meets the required standards, once it’s approved for registration they’ll issue the MR2A.