Can I charge at public charging stations?

Public charging infrastructure is growing in Australia. This article talks about how FONZ tech plugs into the network and compatibility with different charging tech

Public charging

While all FONZ models come standard with home charging, we also offer options to charge using home electric car charging infrastructure and public charging stations.

The small challenge with charging stations is compatibility with connectors and most FONZ electric motorbikes and scooters can be optioned with the Type 2 (Mennekes / IEC 62196) connector and onboard charger.

It is the standard in Australia (and Europe) and used by most EV manufacturers. 

AC or DC Charging

There are a few common connector protocols, and FONZ electric motorbikes and scooters can be fitted to be compatible using the AC option when charging at public charging stations.

The Type 2 plug has a seven-pin design. Image of the Type 2 lead and Type 2 connectors are below.


On some Type 2 connectors there is the addition of two extra pins that allow for three-phase charging.  This is for DC (direct current) three-phase charging and is not compatible for FONZ.

Is onboard charging for me?

A FONZ onboard charger can offer 5X Faster than FONZ standard. More than 95% of the time FONZ owners still trickle charge their FONZ overnight or while they work, however in some instances Type 2 charging could be useful:

  • Going to the beach - if you're heading for a surf and want to top up your Powerpack, by carrying the cable with you you could easily charge via car charging infrastructure  charging for a few hours while you take a swim/surf
  • Shopping - most shopping centres offer public charging infrastructure, if you head to the shops a few times each week you may find its enough that you'd never need to charge at home
  • Adventuring - while it may not be practical all the time to stop for several hours to get a full charge, if you're going for a trip to local attractions or an overnight escape charging at your accommodation could be a good 
  • At home - you might like to use your existing electric car charging setup. However there is no reason to fast charge overnight, while you sleep. Slow trickle charging will be more healthier for you powerpack


Charger Brands


  • Charge Fox (Serial numbers 1512 & 1514 Randwick)
  • Ocular (Marrickville Commercial Centre)
  • UMC Mobile Tesla Charger

Not compatible yet

  • Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector

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FONZ can customise the charger cable connectors to suit your personal requirements. Ask your FONZ Product Advisor to find a custom fit for your requirements