Electric motorcycle Conversion Kits

FONZ offer DIYers and workshops a universal conversion kit. Learn more.

Classic Feel, Future Tech

At FONZ, we love classic motorcycles. In original condition they’re charming, however 2-stroke petrol fumes include carcinogens and they can be unreliable & expensive to maintain.

Together we are breathing life into these old beauties! While contributing to the circular economy and reducing our carbon footprint, the huge upside is the insane torque you'll get from your ride.
Team FONZ has over a decade experience manufacturing electric motorcycles and scooters. FONZs electric powertrain conversion system is compatible with popular classic models. 

We designed the FONZ universal conversion kits for workshops and DIYers. Important: this is not a plug-and-play system and components will need to be fabricated and adapted depending on your donor vehicle.
FONZ  e-motorcycle conversion kit includes:
  • 3.3kWh Powerpack 
  • Mid-drive motor
  • 150A Controller
  • Motor mounts (compatibility with SR400) 
  • 12V DC converter
  • Electric throttle 
  • Wiring harness (may require modification to match your specific motorcycle. Support is not provided. Consult your local auto-electrician)
  • 1 block of technical support (30 minutes)

Terms & Conditions: 
  • The universal conversion kit has been designed for workshops and DIYers for the Yamaha SR400 model. Some components will need to be fabricated locally depending on your donor vehicle
  • Conversion kit items cannot be purchased from FONZ separately
  • Price excludes freight and transit insurance 
  • Shipping ex Sydney, Australia
  • Technical support is not included
  • Technical support via online chat is available for purchase in blocks of 30 minutes.  USD $50 per block.
  • Dispatch is within 6 weeks of placing order