Fonz Moto Service Schedule

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Do you service it like a petrol bike?

No. It’s much simpler. There’s a lot less involved in servicing your FONZ as its only got a few moving parts.


How often should I service my Fonz Moto?

Fonz Moto's are required to perform the below maintenance schedule at intervals of either 12 months, or 5,000kms - whichever occurs first, to perform as intended.

See HERE for a list of your local authorised service centres.


When is the first service?

The first service due at 3 months, or 500kms - whichever occurs first, and then services are due annually from the date of service.


How much does it cost?

While you can choose to service your Fonz at any Authorised Repairer, Fonz Service Partnersˆ offer the FONZ Capped Price Service of $225 (annual service) and $95 (first service).

View the Service Schedule.

Please clarify with your local repairer if they offer the FONZ Capped Price Service Schedule prior to your service


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