Renting a FONZ vehicle

Information on the Fonz Moto Rental Policy

FONZ Rental Policy
1/ AGE RULES: The Rider needs to be at least 18 years of age to qualify to rent a FONZ Vehicle. Anyone under the age of 18 is not eligible to ride the Vehicle during the rental period. Fonz Moto will take no responsibility in case of an accident or any other event where the Rider is less than 18 years old, and it will be the sole responsibility of the Rider for that accident or event. 
2/ ADDITIONAL RIDER(S): The Vehicle may be ridden by additional person(s) only with the consent of Fonz Moto. This must be consented with Fonz Moto Management no later than the time of collection of the Vehicle. Certain conditions and additional Rider charges apply of an additional $10 per day for each additional Rider in addition to the primary rider of the Vehicle
3/ LICENCE: The Rider must hold a current and valid Australian driving licence or equivalent and be eligible to ride Mopeds (50cc) Scooters and/or Motorcycle Vehicles, such as class R and R P2, or equivalent. Learner Riders may be restricted from riding the Vehicle. No Rider under the age of 18 is ever allowed to ride the Vehicle
4/ THE VEHICLE: The Vehicle will be registered and owned by Fonz Moto. The Vehicle and all its parts remain the property of Fonz Moto. When the Rider no longer requires the Vehicle, the Rider must email to notify Fonz Moto.  Fonz Moto will then confirm with the Rider the date and time to return the bike. If the Rider wishes to extend or shorten/terminate their initially agreed rental period, they must provide Fonz Moto with minimum 7 business days’ notice. After all outstanding charges are cleared including damage, tolls or traffic infringements, parking charges, or any other outstanding dues, there will be no further payments by the Rider to Fonz Moto
5/ INSURANCE: The Riders liability for loss or damage to the Vehicle is limited to the Accident Damage Excess (ADE) unless the vehicle is used for a Prohibited Use. In case of an insurance claim to be made due to an accident or any other incident, the ADE is $650.00. All Riders under the age of 25 years will be liable to pay an additional ADE of $2150.00 to Fonz Moto. This additional age excess does not apply to minor damage or scratches on the Vehicle. Fonz Moto will provide the Rider with a new Vehicle once the insurance claim is finalised and the cost of the Vehicle is refunded by the insurer to Fonz Moto. In this instance, Fonz Moto will provide the Rider with an accident report and the Rider must complete the form to assist with the claim or the Rider security bond will be forfeited. If repayments are not met and the Vehicle is not returned, Fonz Moto may report the Vehicle as stolen. If the Vehicle is reported stolen, Fonz Moto may inform other third parties including the Police that the Vehicle was stolen and the Rider’s insurance. In this instance registration will be forfeited and void, and the $650 deposit will be taken to pay the excess
6/ RESTRICTION OF USE: The Rider of the Vehicle has no cover for damage or Third Party Loss in certain circumstances, despite being fully covered by our comprehensive liability insurance. These circumstances include damage or Third Party Loss caused by immersion of the Vehicle in water, use of the Vehicle in any prohibited/restricted area, and overhead and underbody damage. Driving the Vehicle on unsealed roads and other conditions unsuitable to ride a road Vehicle, is strictly prohibited. Off-road use is strictly prohibited
7/ SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE: Fonz Moto is responsible to conduct regular servicing of the entire FONZ rental fleet. If a Rider rents the Vehicle for three months or more, it is the responsibility of the Rider to take the Vehicle for the service to take place, following the Fonz Moto Service Schedule. Fonz Moto will coordinate appropriate timing for the service. Fonz Moto will pay for the service (including parts and tyres), providing that these were not caused by the Rider. If the Rider cannot commit to bring the Vehicle for servicing, Fonz Moto can send out a representative to the Rider’s address to collect the Vehicle for servicing and return it back to the Rider. This service will incur additional charges subject to location, and will be added to the Rider’s next weekly rental instalment
8/ TYRES: Tyres will be replaced for wear and tear by Fonz Moto. Please be advised that FONZ will not pay for tyres that have been damaged by the Rider. If a tyre needs repairing or replacing due to wear, it is the responsibility of the Rider to notify Fonz Moto via email ( or call 02 8520 3905  to arrange the replacement / repair
9/ RENTAL PAYMENTS: Rental payments are to be made on a fortnightly basis (paid in advance) via Eway direct debit to Fonz Moto via credit or debit card. If repayments are not met or defaulted, Fonz Moto will be within their rights by law to take possession of the Scooter from the Rider. If repayments are not met and no contact is made by the Rider and no explanation is given, Fonz Moto will pass the debt over to a debt collection agency and then additional fees will apply. Early Return: An Early Return Fee may apply to cover costs incurred as a result of the vehicle being returned prior to the original timeframe outlined in this contract. For example, if you have booked a bike for over 1 month and you return the bike within a few days (any time inferior to 1 month) you will have to pay the standard rental price plus an additional early return fee of 20% of the total outstanding amount. Fonz Moto reserves the right to make this charge to compensate us in part for our inability to rent your vehicle during the remaining time reserved for your use, for more details feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail
10/ TAX: 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) will apply. This will be inclusive of the weekly payments
11/ Tolls, fines and infringements: It is the sole responsibility of the Rider to clear all outstanding toll(s) and/or traffic infringement(s) related to the Vehicle. Fonz Moto is not responsible for paying any use of tolls. If we receive any unpaid/uncleared toll invoice(s) or traffic fine(s) of a Rider, we will transfer them onto the respective Rider and the Rider will be wholly responsible to pay the invoice. It is the sole obligation of the Rider to clear all tolls and fines irrespective of who was riding the Vehicle when the toll or fine was imposed. If the Rider is not taking appropriate care of the Vehicle, or is receiving multiple traffic fines, it is at Fonz Moto managements discretion to repossess the Vehicle at any time
12/ Acceptance of T&Cs: The Rider of the Vehicle agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions of the rental policy. The Rider accepts that he or she is solely liable in respect of the first $650 of any damage to the Vehicle, regardless of fault to the Rider, or the Vehicle not being returned to Fonz Moto