Getting your rider licence in NSW

Here's info on getting your rider licence in NSW

In NSW you cannot ride a FONZ on your car licence - regardless of the max speed.  The good news is that it's simple to get your rider licence in NSW.

TIME - the learner course is 7 hours held over 2 days (3 1/2 hours each day).

 COST - the course is subsidised by NSW government and only around $150.  
Here are the steps:


Step 1
Complete your Pre-Learner Motorcycle Course by selecting one of the authorised training centres below:
Book Here for Botany and other Sydney locations
Book Here for St Ives and other Sydney locations


Step 2
Take the Pre-Learner Course Certificate to the RMS and take the DKT test (multiple choice test that you can book online here. Here's the online practice test.)