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How do I clean my Fonz?

This article explains how to clean your Fonz electric motorcycle or Fonz electric scooter

To maintain appearance, and prevent paint and corrosion damage to your Fonz electric motorcycle or Fonz electric scooter, regularly:

  1. Wash with a diluted solution of car wash soap.
  2. Rinse with clean water, ensuring water does not enter the Powerpack compartment my removing the Powerpack.
  3. Dry with a microfibre cloth.
  4. Polish with a wax based spray protectant, and buff with a microfibre cloth.
  5. Regularly wipe down chrome with a microfibre cloth to avoid surface rust. Spray a lubricant such as WD40 to protect in salty air conditions.

Warning!  Do not allow water to enter PowerPack compartment. If cleaning PowerPack,

attach terminal covers, and wipe with a damp cloth.

Do not use hydrocarbon based cleaning products, as paint damage will result.