How much do they cost?

Info on the prices of each model and links to model configurators

Fonz is all about customising your ride to your lifestyle - and while the electric powertrains can be customised to 5 different specs, there are also a range of custom & bespoke options to allow your inner designer to shine through.

Electric Motorcycles

Fonz NKD electric motorcycle from $8,990 to $16,990*

View NKD Model Configurator

Electric Scooters

Fonz Arthur electric scooters start from $3,990 to $6,990*

View Arthur Model Configurator

Fonzarelli X1 electric scooter from $10,990*

View X1 Model Configurator

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To design your own electric ride including all the custom options available simply email us below and hashtag #requestequote in the subject line.

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