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How to adjust Arthur sport shocks?

Information to adjust preload and rebound on Arthur electric scooter

Rear Shock Absorber

Spring Preload Adjustment

Arthur Shock Absorber
  1. Use an allen key to loosen the ‘locking’ bolt on the ‘adjusting’ collar
  2. To adjust, use your hands to turn the ‘adjusting’ collar up or down 
  3. For sag measurements less than the standard setup, decrease the preload on the springby turning the adjustment collar counter-clockwise on the shock. If more than the standard setup, increase the preload on the spring by turning the adjustment collar clockwise on the shock.
  4. Once the collar is adjusted to preferred setting, fasten the locking bolt

TIP Clean any dirt or debris from the slots of the shock adjusting collar before adjusting

WARNING Ensure the spring adjustment nut is tight against the spring before riding the vehicle

Rebound Adjustment

The Arthur rebound ‘tension’ damper adjuster is located at the bottom of the shock (Black)

Printed on the shock, is “F” meaning faster rebound and “S” meaning Slower rebound.

Use your hands to adjust the rebound.

Arthur Shock Absorber-2

Arthur Shock Absorber-3

F   Faster rebound and a softer ride, is better for big impacts

S Slower rebound and a firmer ride, is better for smaller and more frequent impacts

There are 16 clicks of adjustment. The adjustor should never be forced completely; always leave one click of adjustment in either direction


Factory Supplied Rear Suspension Settings

The following information will allow you to adjust the rear suspension back to the factory settings.



Shock Rebound

Max minus 10 clicks counterclockwise