I've lost my NKD digital key. How do I replace it?

The dos and don'ts for replacing your NKD fob key.

NKD partnered with motogadget to bring you the tamper-proof mo.lock digital key as a spec’d up stock feature (NKD+ and NKD X).

The digital key comes with a special programming ‘Master’ key which is necessary to program any new digital keys to the NKD security system.

If you lose your digital key you will be able to simply order a replacement mo.lock digital key from Fonz HQ, please contact support@fonzmoto.com for a replacement.


Follow these steps to program the new digital key on your own:

  1. Place Master Key (RED) in proximity to the NKD's Control Box power ON sensor (same location as you would usually turn the bike on) 
  2. After a second your NKD will power ON and then OFF again
  3. Bring the replacement Digital Key into the sensor proximity. This signals the system to begin programming the replacement Digital key with your unique tamper proof code
  4. Once the replacement key is programmed it will switch on and off again
  5. Once the NKD is off, remove the Master key from proximity to test that the new digital key is programmed

The Master Programming Key is an essential part of your NKD system. Without which you will not be able to program new digital keys for your vehicle security system. Store in a safe place away from the vehicle.

NEVER attempt to start your NKD with the RED Master Key. It will not work. This is exclusively for programming a replacement Digital Key with a unique code.

You can program a maximum of 3 keys to a single mo.lock ;)