NKD manufacturing process

NKD Production Journey

IT takes around 12 weeks to complete your NKD build from locking in your order. 

Once you're up - your bike goes into build at the NKD Micro Factory in Redfern.

Sub Assemblies

First we build batches of sub-assemblies including rear wheel, motor, forks, powerpacks, and all custom builds that speed up the production process in our 4 step production line.

At this point we are building to your custom orders so one week before your bike is ready to begin its build journey we'll contact you to confirm your final specs and finalise your order.


Jules making 12V lithium packs
prashant saddle assy-1
Prashant making saddles
The saddle assembly is made up of 38 components and can be customised to a number of specs to suit your ride (seating position) and style (vinyl, leather, Alcantara trims). The saddle hydraulically opens to a secure under-saddle storage area. 

Production Line


Once sub assemblies are complete we need to move onto the production line and the first step is to get your bike rolling.

Custom wheels, motor and handlebars are mounted on the chromoly frame and the bones are done. Your NKD is a rolling chassis.

motor swing arm assy-1

Dual sport tyre and mid drive motor are fitted 

Main build

Once rolling, we move to the main build where mechanical and electrical components are fitted.

Custom design

In the final step of the build the body kit is built bringing your NKD to life.

NKD mirrors

Testing & PD Inspection

Once your NKDs production run is complete it will go into a final stage of programming and tests by a Fonz engineer before the final inspection. Any adjustments are made and then your vehicle delivery is scheduled.


We are currently developing an improved Fonz Owner ticket system to allow Owners to check where you're up to in the production online. The beta stage is planned to launch September 2021. Meantime, email electric@fonzarelli.co for order updates or call 02 8520 3905 and select 1 for existing orders.