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Powerpack: Cycling battery cells

Tips and tricks for your Powerpack


Running In Powerpack

Allow 5 to 8 charge cycles for optimal Powerpack performance as the system learns your Powerpack cells. During the first few hundred kilometres avoid dropping your Powerpack below 40% to allow time to become accustomed to your vehicle.

Charge intervals

While the battery cells in your Powerpack will not be affected due to charge memory, from time to time you should discharge your Powerpack to calibrate with the cell management system.

From time-to-time discharge the powerpack so that the management system can relearn the capacity of the battery cells

TIP: Frequent charging will not affect lifecycles. From time-to-time ensure discharging calibrate cells to Powerpack management system by charging & discharging (100% to 5-10% is ideal).

Long-term storage

If the Powerpack is kept stored for a long time (3 months or more), it is strongly recommended that the cell is preserved at dry and low-temperature. If you do not ride for an extended time (i.e. such as during winter) we recommend to repeat the Powerpack running in procedure for 2-3 cycles. The Powerpack optimal storage between 60 to 80%.