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Safe Riding

Tips to ride safely

Conduct a pre-ride check before you turn on the vehicle. This will prevent any accidental damage to equipment.

Safe riding rules

  • Anticipate the moves of other drivers on the road 
  • Never ride in another driver’s blind spot
  • Obey all road regulations, and ride in a manner befitting road conditions - if wet slow down
  • Keep your hands and feet fixed firmly to the vehicle at all times when riding
  • Always take extra caution at intersections, in high traffic situations, and when lane filtering
  • A compliant motorcycle helmet must be worn at all times when riding
  • We suggest to always wear a rider jacket, pants, gloves and boots
  • Ensure that you hold the required rider licence for your state
  • Never lend your vehicle to an inexperienced rider
  • Above all, ride to live; employ common sense in all traffic situations

Further riding rules and tips can be found on the website of your local transport authority.