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Pre-Ride Inspection

A pre-ride inspection will only take a few minutes, and should be conducted before riding your Arthur

Pre-Ride inspection

  1. PowerPack – ensure the PowerPack is correctly fitted, and cables correctly attached. Check charge level
  2. Brakes – check for correct operation; make sure there is no fluid leakage
  3. Tyres – check condition and pressure
  4. Lights and Indicators – check for correct operation
  5. Throttle – check for correct and smooth operation

Contact an authorised Fonzarelli representative if you identify an issue.

If the pre-ride inspection is not conducted before using the Arthur, damage to equipment or severe injury could result.

Starting procedure

  1. Insert the key and turn clockwise to the ON position
  2. Mount the scooter, and move side-stand to stowed position
  3. Ensure the kill-switch is in the RUN position
  4. Ensure the kick stand is UP and all warning lights are extinguished
  5. Your scooter is now ready to ride R

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