Registering your NKD

Each state & territory of Australia have different registration forms that can be difficult to navigate. Some tips below.


If you need help simply email your registration forms to Owner Support and we will assist with completing the questions you can't answer!


Below are guidelines for filling out the vehicle details in the registration forms:

Model Variant Make Model Category
NKDa  Fonzarelli 125 LC 
NKDa (moped)* Fonzarelli 100 LA
NKDs Fonzarelli 125 LC
NKD+ Fonzarelli 125 LC
NKD X Fonzarelli  125 LC

*Riding NKD on a car licence

An LA Category Moped is for those planning to ride on car licence (SA, WA, QLD etc) in this case the bike is limited to 50km/h. At Fonz, we recommend getting your rider licence. so you can maximise the speed and fun, but if you don't want that you will get insane torque with the moped still ;)

Still having trouble

As trailblazers in Australia's electric automotive industry,  Fonz has been dealing with  roadblocks in bureaucracy for some time. Let us help you navigate these challenges. Email customer support 

The Model Variant is not usually required to be included in the registration paperwork. 

All Fonz NKD models are either categorised as:

LA Category Moped = Model 100*  OR   LC Category Motorcycle = Model 125