I have roadside assistance through FONZ, how does it work?

FONZ works with 24/7 Roadservices Australia Pty Ltd to support our riders on the road nationally

Once your FONZ has been registered and FONZ HQ in Sydney has your registration plate number, we will contact 24/7 Roadservices on your behalf to sign you up and start your 12/24 month plan.

If you are outside  NSW, it may take FONZ up to two weeks to start your plan, as we need to wait until we have been notified of your interstate plate number to start your plan. If you have not received your welcome email, or would like to start your plan as soon as possible, please reach out to us at onboarding@fonzmoto.com with your FONZ vehicle registration plate number so we can assist you more quickly.

Once your plan has been set up, you will receive a welcome email from 24/7 Roadservices directly, this email will describe the benefits and how to access assistance.

Benefit 3 STAR plan:
Service calls per annum: 4
Towing – Metropolitan: 25 kms
Towing – Country: 50 kms
Flat Tyre
Commencement Period - 48hrs
1 year 3 STAR plan: Included in sale
Upgrade to a 2 year 3 STAR plan prior to vehicle registration: $33