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What impacts the range of an electric motorcycle?

The range of an electric motorcycle is defined as the distance the vehicle travels on a single full charge of the Powerpack. Learn the impacts of, how to extend, the range.

Like petrol motorcycles and scooters, mileage will vary depending on your riding habits and conditions, and your range results are a direct reflection of your riding habits.

The more conservatively you ride, the better range you can expect from your Fonz.

The key factors which affect range include:

  • Rider behaviour - speed, acceleration, modulated riding, number of starts and stops
  • Ambient air temperature - range will be greater in warmer conditions 
  • Terrain
  • Tyre pressure; and
  • Load 

We suggest that you ride conservatively as you get to know your Fonz.

Once you become familiar with the range versus performance of your vehicle, then you can adjust your riding characteristics if you desire. This applies mainly to riders with trip profiles which are at the edge of the performance envelope.