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Future-proofing your FONZ electric ride

Can I upgrade my powertrain once I've received my bike?



Can I upgrade to plug into the EV Charging network?

Yes. If you own an existing FONZ model* ad would like it to plug into the public charging infrastructure FONZ and many partners in our affiliate partner network can retrofit the EV charging station kit on your existing bike to charge publicly

Why would I? 

At FONZ we believe it is important to future-proof our products in the fast evolving electric vehicle tech space. That’s why we offer our existing owner community to upgrade their powertrain / performance after taking delivery if a new feature interests you. We do this through our very attractive Guaranteed Trade Up Offer if you would like to swap out tech. Read the FAQs below.

What could be added/ upgraded?

Add onboard Type 2 public charging station capability, upgrade motor, upgrade powerpack capacity, add USB C device charger, 5X fast charger (NKDs/NKD+/NKDX), EV public charging capability - standard speed (all models*)
Arthur 2 models can upgrade to take advantage of the Arthur 2X, which cann increase your ride either to 65 kilometres or even up to 130 kilometres extra range with 2 compact powerpacks.

Whats the cost? 

You would pay the cost of parts and labour cost. You can refer to the FONZ Guaranteed Trade Up offer if you’re interested in switching out components ;) Request a quote.
* Arthur 1 is not compatible
ˆ Excludes labour and freight costs. T&Cs apply.
NKD being charged at public charging station