How much range does the NKD get?

Information on FONZ NKD range

FONZ designed the NKD electric motorcycle series to support a wide range of rider profiles and  styles.

FONZ modular powertrains mean that this series has a range of powertrain specs and is highly customisable to suit your lifestyle. 

NKD electric motorcycle starts at 50 kilometre range and the maximum range is up to 200 kilometres in city riding. There are 4 powertrain setups that can be chosen during the purchase of your vehicle.

How we calculate range

FONZ calculates riding range using the industry standard for ‘City Riding’ which is specified to determine riding during operation typically found in urban areas.

While actual range will vary based on riding conditions and habits, to conservatively calculate range at highway speeds if you're pushing at the edge of the performance envelope we recommend to reduce range by 30% of city riding.

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